Healing Qigong

Qigong is an ancient Taoist practice that can be translated as “the way of life-force energy.”  It was developed over thousands of years in China as one of the primary branches of traditional Chinese medicine.  During the Cultural Revolution under the Maoist regime, this branch of healing was suppressed as unscientific, along with 5-Element acupuncture.  The type of acupuncture practiced both in China and in the West today is known as “8 Principle” acupuncture, and de-emphasizes the 5 Element tradition. Qigong later experienced a resurgence within China, when one of Mao’s chief ministers turned to it to cure his cancer after Western medicine was unsuccessful; however, it has once again been suppressed because of concerns about confusion with the politically active Falun Gong movement.

Chinese 5 Element theoryunderstands the human as intrinsically embedded in the natural world, standing as an energy conduit between Heaven and Earth.  Each human being is also a microcosm of the world of nature, and the characteristics of the elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal express themselves through our physical and emotional beings.  To be healthy, these elements must be in balance within ourselves and in our environment.

This is part of a more comprehensive Taoist cosmology, which is too complex to describe here in depth. Healing Qigong consists of external movements, visualizations, breath work, and healing sounds.  There are practices which the therapist will perform on a client who simply receives, and others in which the client is an active participant.  Whatever type of treatment you come for, I will usually offer some Qigong exercises for you to practice on your own.  There’s no requirement to do the “homework,” but healing is most effective when supported by consistent individual practice.

I incorporate some Qigong into all of my treatments, as the human energy system is an intrinsic and necessary part of the body’s capacity to heal itself.

I also teach Qigong classes, to share the practices that can lead to consistently vibrant health.

Tamara’s practice attends to the body, spirit and emotions, an integrated approach that is easygoing and down-to-earth.  And Tamara provided information to take away after the session by demonstrating qigong exercises to do to continue healing work on my own. - Shannon Hawthorn Ash
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