The need for compassionate touch is among the most fundamental needs we have as humans. From gentle relaxation massage to deep tissue work, I use a variety of massage techniques based on my understanding of the body’s energetic system (as developed in Traditional Chinese Medicine), study of Western anatomy and physiology, and my own experience and intuition, to meet you where your need is.

Treatments range from 45 minutes to 2 hours, and can be given either clothed or unclothed with oils, depending on your preference. I use apricot kernel oil as a neutral base, and offer a selection of soothing or energizing essential oils to create a complete relaxation experience.

Chair massage treatments are great for relieving pain and tension at a physical level. My hand-made massage chair offers easy access to the hips, back, shoulders, arms, neck and head — areas that are often sites of chronic pain and tension.  For this reason, chair massage is an excellent way to address many physical, musculo-skeletal difficulties originating in postural habits, old or new injuries, and lifestyle (computer shoulders, anyone?).

I also offer full-body table massage treatments using oils, for a complete relaxation and healing experience.

Sore shoulders, neck, and upper-back seems to be my Achilles’ heel. I’ve tried many treatments including several types of massage, but Tamara’s treatments trump them all. Why? Because they work. Sure, massages always feel great, but I want to wake up the next morning, feeling like I’ve actually been healed. Tamara’s treatments deliver just that, and her compassionate and gentle approach makes the experience enjoyable to boot.- Bronwyn van Vugt 

An acupressure treatment from Tamara changed the direction of my day from stressful with tension in my neck to a relaxed perspective and looser feeling upper body, head and neck. Highly recommend it!

- Jackie MacDonald


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