The session of Medical Gigong that I experienced with Tamara SunSong was the most profound, helpful, moving, and revelatory of my entire life. I have never felt that much energy flowing through my body, and I have experienced some very helpful Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Acupressure, and Massage over the years. I highly recommend her services, and her rates are very reasonable.

- Rebecca O.


Tamara and her treatments gave me a safe, nurturing, profoundly healing release for my entire being – body, mind, and spirit.  In particular, the pain I experienced from structural damage, TMJ, and fibromyalgia was dramatically decreased.  Two years later, I continue to enjoy this relief from pain, as well as the greatly improved overall function that resulted.

- Trish Fotheringham


Sore shoulders, neck, and upper-back seems to be my Achilles’ heel. I’ve tried many treatments including several types of massage, but Tamara’s treatments trump them all. Why? Because they work. Sure, massages always feel great, but I want to wake up the next morning, feeling like I’ve actually been healed. Tamara’s treatments deliver just that, and her compassionate and gentle approach makes the experience enjoyable to boot.

- Bronwyn van Vugt


Tamara’s revitalizing Jin Shin Do treatments have helped me to feel more balanced on all levels, and the juicy knowledge of medical qigong etc. that she has shared has helped me to maintain my balance between treatments. Tamara provides a warm, safe space where deep inner and outer patterns are discovered, untangled and transformed.

- Nancy Bale


An acupressure treatment from Tamara changed the direction of my day from stressful with tension in my neck to a relaxed perspective and looser feeling upper body, head and neck. Highly recommend it!

- Jackie MacDonald


Tamara’s practice attends to the body, spirit and emotions, an integrated approach that is easygoing and down-to-earth.  And Tamara provided information to take away after the session by demonstrating qigong exercises to do to continue healing work on my own. 

- Shannon Hawthorn Ash


What can I say about Tamara’s practice? That it is highly effective, strongly intuitive and technically accomplished? That I miss it more than pretty much anything else since I moved away from her area?

Tamara approaches her clients with a compassion and respect that is rare in today’s medical world, and that makes a world of difference in terms of both the client’s comfort level and their corresponding ability to heal. It can be hard for people who experience generalised and constant pain to find a practitioner who believes in their condition, let alone one who understands and knows how to treat it. I have consulted more health professionals than I can count, and Tamara really stands out in this department. She believes in the conditions her clients describe, and, just as rare, she believes that the client has important knowledge of their own body and health that is crucial to their healing. During treatment sessions, she maintains an atmosphere of open communication with the client, actively seeking out their own expertise about their body. Unlike many in the medical profession, she does not let her ego interfere with the true goal at hand, which is to actually relieve the patient and/or provide healing, and to this end, she does not hesitate to listen to and solicit input from the patient. If what she is doing to one part of the body prompts the patient to want to self-massage another part, for example, she encourages such collaborative healing. She is never judgmental or invasive; is always compassionate and generous.

All these qualities are in addition to her excellent technical abilities and in-depth understanding of the human body, its systems and idiosyncrasies. Her diverse and comprehensive training informs her approach, and she possesses a natural ability to comfort, relieve and heal those who she touches. I was infinitely grateful to have been treated by her.

- Caissey Nicole

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